How to do the Electricity Effect in iMovie 11

In order to do this tutorial, you need to download this file here:

Pre-Keyed Version:

6 Responses

  1. Asad says:

    Does it works on ipad

  2. Jamie San says:

    when i downloaded one of your explosions it will play out side of iMovie but not in iMovie, i imported it the way you showed in your video and did NOT stabilise but it still isn’t working help

    • Omair K. says:

      nope. iMovie on iPad doesn’t have the advanced options that iMovie on Mac does. Google Matt’s Macintosh on youtube and you will find out some pretty sweet stuff.

  3. joihn says:

    DOISNT WORK ON ’11 10.0.2

  4. ben says:

    I wish there was a way to turn the electricity side ways so you can make it look like it’s coming out of your hand.

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